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Miley Cyrus Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

You can check here. The new single is fun, young and attractive, like, as is the music video, which is the classical style Miley. It is a three-page interview / story of a day in the life of Miley and it is very interesting. Miley ago although Justice. Of course, has nothing to Cyndi Lauper original version, but most are not remaking the original better. Miley Cyru music video for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is out and people seem to love his version. Check that out below. Miley Cyru In other news, there is an interesting article today on Miley is why the worlds biggest teenage star.
15.10.08 10:06

Kings Hang Tough With Lakers In Vegas

Not that if t define expectations for King-Laker 2008, nothing. All the reigning Western Conference Champions did during the summer was to regain the services centerAndrew Bynum, 7-foot-boy-turned beast whose return from last season knee injury gives them a ferocious front line and unfair advantages bring the likes of Lamar Odom off the bench. It shows season or not, the King revolt loss of Portland and win over a team of Oklahoma City without Kevin Durant had been signs that could last more than a few minutes with Kobe Bryant and his crew. The champion of boxing at rest spent most of his career overwhelming opponents that I could t come close to matching up.
15.10.08 10:06

Friends Star Courteney Cox Admits She Quot Had Botox

He said: I m an actor, I I have to be able to move my face. He loves the process of aging. But 44 years is not a fan of the treatment. He believes that beautiful. She is not concerned about jet husbandDavid Arquette love with her as her looks fade. When people start to do their face and can t lift their eyebrows, that strange. FRIENDS stars Courteney Cox owns up to some of Botox. . I m in love with David at the moment.
15.10.08 10:06

Katie Holmes Theater Sunday

As in any final preview performance before the great All my children open on Thursday (October 16) was noted Katie Holme heading to work on Broadway before today. Run your hands through his hair, the former city Dawsons Creek Cutie looked chic with a green blazer overtop white t-shit paired with jeans and a pair of heeled boots..
15.10.08 10:06

Water Polo Sinks In Socal Tournament

It wasn t what we hope for this weekend, coach Adam Krikorian said. We didn t do as good a job as we could defensively.. 2 Bruins (8-3, 1-0 MPSF). It was the ceiling ending off a disappointing weekend for the No. L Water Polo man UCLA team is out for the start he wanted this past weekend at SoCal tournament held in Raleigh Runnels Memorial Pool at Pepperdine.
15.10.08 10:06


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